IHS Markit Names Its Big 8 Transformative Technologies for 2018

IHS Markit has named its “Big 8”, eight transformative technologies it thinks we need to be watching in 2018.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) — “Industry experts are abuzz with innovations in autonomous vehicles, infotainment, natural language processing and augmented reality. Stay sharp by listening to concerns about data security and the debate over cloud-based vs. device-based implementations”.
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) — “The IoT is converging with other transformative technologies in 2018 to create new growth opportunities. Pay particular attention to analytics-driven IoT platforms, computing at the edge and data exchange brokerages (DEBs), IoT influences everything from home security systems, to oil and gas exploration, smart cities, retail experiences and beyond”.
  3. Cloud and virtualisation — “Cloud services will pave the way for technologically immature companies to use machine learning and AI, radically transforming their usage and understanding of data”.
  4. Connectivity — “While it’s important to keep track of 5G’s rapid and meaningful development, it is crucial to pay attention to other network players as well, such as LPWA, private LTE, D2D/mesh, mobile broadband, fibre and LEO satellite”.
  5. Ubiquitous video — “Expanded video capabilities will have impact far beyond the video supply chain itself. Look for bigger and better screens, plus continued consumption of video, to alter strategies in multiple markets not directly tied to the video supply chain”.
  6. Computer vision — “Using technology to read images and analyse data as well as—and as quickly as—the human eye will quite literally transform our world. From facial recognition software to self-driving cars, advanced robotics and surveillance, this technology will accelerate innovation across multiple industries”.
  7. Robots and drones — “Talking about robots and drones is nothing new, but 2018 could show us the deeper story; the disruptive potential of of robots and drones to transform long-standing business models in manufacturing and industry. From logistics, to material picking and handling, to navigational autonomy and delivery, robots and drones are poised for a big breakout”.
  8. Blockchain — “Blockchain-based services beyond financial services are already being deployed and will continue to grow in 2018, yet the commercial potential is still unclear and many challenges remain. Mainstream adoption is dependent upon continued experimentation and business model evolution”.

You can download a complete analysis of the eight transformative technologies of 2018 from the IHS Markit website.