HypeVR Demonstrates Volumetric Video using Apple ARKit

HypeVR has demonstrated its Volumetric Video technology—which the company has recently adapted for Apple’s ARKit—with a new video released on Vimeo.

This technology involves a rig of camera equipment capturing footage in 360 degrees, which is then converted into a smartphone-based augmented reality experience.

The user is able to place a portal in the real world, through which they can then step in and out of augmented reality.

HypeVR are sidestepping the need for a high-end GPU or gigantic file downloads by employing a cloud-based streaming set-up. The user’s smartphone transmits their movements to a cloud server, which then renders the relevant video and sends it back to the device. This set-up allows compatibility of HypeVR with older, less capable iPhone models.

The company has also announced plans to develop a version of the software to be used with Google’s ARCore, meaning the technology will be available for a wide range of devices when it’s eventually released.

Check out the video demonstration below.