Samsung and Xbox Partner for XBox One X Console

Samsung has joined with Microsoft to jointly promote the XBox One X in the US with Samsung’s Quantum Dot LCD(‘QLED’) TVs. Samsung said it has reduced the input latency to less than 20ms to improve the experience and the UltraHD gaming of the new console will match the TVs.

Samsung’s has expanded its Smart Hub to offer an even more intuitive and unified experience, directly via the QLED TV. After connecting Xbox One X, the TV automatically recognizes the console and sets up the Samsung One Remote. By saying “Game Mode” into the One Remote, users will have immediately optimised their audio and video settings for gaming, Samsung said.

Analyst Comment

There was no comment about exploiting the strong colour volume performance or HDR support of the Samsung TVs. (BR)

Microsoft is collaborating with Samsung on demos for the XBox One X