Hyper-Reality – A Glimpse into AR Dystopia

Currently, augmented reality and virtual reality are considered the ‘Next Big Thing’. As such the viewpoint of most analysts is very positive, to say the least. The most critically discussed issue is that of consumer buy-in related to the price points of the underlying hardware. The actual use of AR / VR is mostly portrayed as something that will positively change our lives forever.

hyper realityFrom Hyper-Reality – a movie from Keijchi Matsuda

In the short movie (6 min) Hyper-Reality, Keiichi Matsuda shows a quite different view of what AR could mean for our lives. It is still life changing, just not is a good way. If you have the time please watch the movie in its full length. If you don’t have the time, think of it as a very colorful presentation of George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ scenario, but where the leader is replaced by anonymous AR characters and hackers. The movie is available on Vimeo. – NH