Hulu Releases 360º Update for Gear VR

Hulu has released an update to the Gear VR app that allows up to three people to watch regular and 360º videos together online. This feature was first promised by Netflix some time ago but now they have been overtaken by Hulu. Hulu has integrated the app with Oculus Rooms, which is Gear VR’s hub for social VR activities.

Users can bring their friends into the Hulu VR app by first bringing everyone into Oculus Rooms. Once in Oculus Rooms, the Hulu VR app can be launched from the launcher table and this will place members of the party onto a virtual couch in front of a giant screen. Members of the party can then switch between several surrounding virtual environments.

The avatars of the members of the party that were created in Oculus Rooms will be supported in Hulu VR. Voice chat is also supported in a similar manner. Standard streaming is only available to subscribers, whilst 360º content is free to watch by anyone.

The app is not available everywhere yet, but has been used successfully used in the US.

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