HP Promotes Workstations & Monitors

HP had a meeting room to promote its workstations and monitors for use in content creation for the broadcast industry. We heard about the development of the DreamColor products by HP. Disney was a keen user of colour monitors with Trinitron CRTs and when Sony decided to give up making them, the company set up a budget to cover a big purchase of units so that it could ensure future availability. HP was able to work with Disney to use that budget to develop the DreamColor LCD monitors. Dreamworks, Disney and Lucas all use HP workstations as a standard platform and staff told us that the workstation decision is often made “from the monitor back”.

At IBC, HP was showing its Z34c curved display which was introduced in early 2015 and was also showing the HPZ 15″ and 17″ mobile workstations. The company told us that is having some success with its 24″ QuadHD monitors as well as its 32″ UltraHD models. The 27″ StudioColor display has its own internal processor so that a calibrator can simply be connected to the USB socket on the monitor and there is no need for a PC to be used to set it up.

HP z34c