HP Inc Delivers Native 4k Thin Client

HP Inc. has announced a thin client with a difference: native UltraHD resolution support.

Up to four displays can be driven at UltraHD, using the four DisplayPort outputs on the T730 thin client. With the addition of an AMD FirePro GPU, this can be raised to six displays.

Additionally, the thin client is supplied with HP management and user experience software, including HP Device Manager, HP True Graphics and HP Easy Shell.

A quad-core AMD R-series CPU (up to 3.6GHz), with Radeon HD9000 graphics and a 4MB cache, runs Windows Embedded Standard 7; Windows 10 IoT Enterprise; or the Linux-based HP ThinPro OS or HP Smart Zero Core. Flash memory, between 8GB and 128GB, can be installed.

As well as the DisplayPort inputs, USB 3.0 (x2), USB 2.0 (x6), serial (x2) and PS/2 (x2) ports are featured.

HP will begin to sell the thin client in December, for $600.

Analyst Comment

Whereas thin clients are sometimes seen as low-cost devices, this system is clearly aimed at those that want to use a thin client for high end applications, where the remote processing might be the key advantage, for example in financial dealing rooms or in virtualised workstation applications. (BR)