How About a Virtual Concert?

We have seen virtual reality being used in a variety of areas, now NextVR and Live Nation, the largest concert promoter in the world announced that they are planning to stream live concerts to VR headset users this summer. While using their own VR headsets the users will be able to attend the concert without leaving their home.

Besides looking at the show they will be able to turn around and look at the audience for example. There may also be the option to be on stage with the groups, even though just virtually. This promises some options that the average person will never see.

While these first live streams will be free of charge, the companies do see a path to a subscription model as a way to increase revenue from such events. -NH

Analyst Comment

I saw some impressive demonstrations of this kind of content in my visit to the Fraunhofer HHI Immersive Centre (3IT7 And Onward to the TIME Machine…) last September, just before IFA. There was a concert where the viewpoint was from the centre of a choir, arrange around the viewer, and another with a recording of a rock concert. The view was from the position of a player on the stage and, again, was very impressive. It seems to me that this kind of musical experience will be a popular VR form of content. (BR)