Hormel Brings Home the Bacon

For the ultimate VR experience, Google Cardboard isn’t good enough for bacon lovers. To promote their line of Black Label Bacon, Hormel has introduced a paper VR viewer of their own called the Black Market. This is different from Google Cardboard because it is impregnated with a bacon aroma. Yum! The four bacon videos Hormel has posted can be viewed using Google Cardboard, but without the scent.

Steve Venenga, VP of Marketing at Hormel Foods said, “The bacon needs of consumers and Hormel Black Label bacon customers are constantly changing, prompting us to create experiences that deliver beyond their expectations.”

The Bacon Scented Virtual Reality Viewer (Photo: Hormel Black Label bacon).

Analyst Comment

This probably won’t be the last special purpose, Google Cardboard-like VR headset we see to market products.