Hon Hai Invests in Cima NanoTech

Sante ProTouch module

Hon Hai Precision has signed a joint venture with Cima NanoTech, a US manufacturer of transparent conductive film solutions, to provide projective capacitive solutions for large format, 40″ to 100″, touch screens.

The joint venture will be known as Cima Touch and will manufacture and sell Sante ProTouch modules, which the companies say are a cost-competitive solution for customers looking to shift from infrared touch technology to pro-cap multi-touch solutions and systems.

Cima NanoTech developed the patented Sante technology, a nanoparticle conductive coating that self assembles into a random mesh-like network when coated onto a substrate. The company says that this unique proprietary formula enables high performance transparent conductors for applications like large format touch screens, capacitive sensors, EMI shielding, transparent heating, transparent antennas, OLED lighting, wearables, electrochromic, photovoltaic and many more.

The key advantages of this platform technology are high conductivity, transparency, flexibility, transferability, and cost-effectiveness through roll-to-roll manufacturing of Cima NanoTech’s transparent conductive films.

In separate news, Hon Hai is reported to have also signed an agreement with China’s Henan Province to invest $117 million in an industrial park for special materials used in the assembly of smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.