Holst Puts Touch and OLEDs into Plastic Mould

A couple of weeks ago, the Holst Centre in the Netherlands released information about a demonstration car centre console that it has made based on ‘In-mold electronics’ or IME and with space for storage of a mobile phone. The console has NFC and uses touch controls, illumuinated by flexible OLEDs. The whole surface is just 1.5mm thick and is made of plastic.

All the electronics are fabricated on a stretchable, flexible and formable smart skin that is then integrated into the plastic during standard thermoforming or injection molding processes. The technique can be used to create 3D smart objects or extremely thin functional surfaces of any form. The Centre was planning to show the unit at the LOPEC event in Germany at the end of March.

There is a video that can be downloaded here – mp4MMK_9807.MOV.mp4

The image that Holst supplied of its IME system is very dark!