Hitachi Bows to the Inevitable with New IFPs

Hitachi was, to some extent, ‘bowing to the inevitable’ by starting our booth tour with its interactive flat panel range. There are 65″ (FullHD – 10 touch), 75″ (UltraHD – 20 touch) and 86″ (UltraHD – 10 touch) versions. The smaller has one rear HDMI (and one through OPS), while the the 75″ has three and the 86″ two, also with OPS. They also have a front HDMI connector. The 75″ includes a software package integrated and does not need a PC for operation.

We then looked at the LP-WU9750B, an 8,000 lumen one chip DLP-based 1920 x 1200 L/P projector that has HDBaseT. It was being shown with a landscape/portrait converter which works on top of a regular lens. This was in a retail-style application where the unit was being used in a rear-projection configuration and exploiting the UST lens used, the projector was offset from the display screen.

There was a prototype 500 lumen UST system, the SP1, that is designed into a light fitting. The system is designed to be simply mounted on a wall and used with an integrated infrared curtain for touch use. It has 1280 x 800 resolution and is based on a single chip DLP engine.

Hitachi prototypeThis Hitachi prototype uses a 500 lumen projector and an infrared curtain touch system. Image:Meko

There were four new L/P projectors, all with 1920 x 1200 resolution and based on 1 chip DLP technology. There are units with 10,000 lumens (LP-WU9100B), 7,000 lumens (LP-WU6700-SD63), 6,000 (LP-WU6600-SD63) and 5,000 (LP-WU6500). Contrast of all of them is 20,000:1 and the first three have detachable lenses. The 5,000 lumen unit has a 1.15 to 1.9:1 zoom lens and the 7,000 and 6,000 lumen versions are shipped with the SD63 lens. All have HDBaseT support.

On the Hitachi booth was a demonstration by TeamLab of an interactive projection system that uses 3D sensors to allow users to interact with content. A similar system has been installed in San Francisco in a museum in a 360 degree configuration using nine or ten projectors. The system is apparently very popular.

Hitachi interactive projection