Heraeus and ITRI Collaborate on Touch Screens

Heraeus and Taiwan’s Industrial Technolgy Research Institute (ITRI) have been working together for several years. Their work has been focused on touch screens, using Heraeus’ Clevios conductive polymer-based touch panels (ITRI and Heraeus Scale Non-ITO Touch, High Resolutions Rule Touch Taiwan).

The organisations have now collaborated to develop an improved mass-manufacturing process for the Clevios-based films. The research involved using the Clevios films with 7″ touch panels. Those produced were fully functional, supporting five-point multitouch.

Optimum parameter sets were determined for all processing steps of sensor patterning, silver trace printing, FPC bonding, and touch sensor film lamination. Heraeus and ITRI also implemented process-run cards and quality control steps. Statistical analysis was performed to characterise the process. A new fine-line low temperature silver paste, called ‘LT Silver P’ was used for the silver trace screen-printing.

Pilot production suggests high yields.