HDMI Upgrades Will Depend on Manufacturer

In an interview with HD Guru, Jeff Park – senior technical specifications manager for HDMI LLC – said that updating to v2.0a of the standard (HDR Formats Come to HDMI) would depend on the manufacturer.

How a given HDMI device is upgraded to v2.0a is “solely dependent on the manufacturer and their system design. The HDMI specification never defines upgradability criteria”, said Park. Upgrades may take the form of a firmware update or a physical hardware change (as we saw when upgrading from v1.4 to v2.0).

HD Guru contacted several manufacturers to ask about their plans. Samsung said that it is ‘exploring HDMI 2.0a’ but could not provide further details. A similar response came from LG. Sony’s Toshiyuki Ogura, though, said that Sony TVs would be updated through firmware.