Haier Takes Aim at Education

Haier had a big presence at the show and told us that it has been in the education ‘more than ten years’. It is now in the process of global expansion of its business which covers both hardware and software and a cloud platform. The company was showing a display (said to be an 84″ UltraHD display, although it looked smaller than that, to us) that is surrounded by a black board to combine digital and traditional media.

Haier surrounded its display with a blackboard. Image:Meko

The company was also showing its Chromebooks and client devices. The firm has a 10.1″ Chromebook that is designed for primary schools and is extremely robust. It is waterproof and can survive a drop from 70cm. There is also an 11.6″ version (HR-116S) convertible Chromebook with a 1366 x 768 TN display and based on an Intel Celeron processor with 2GB or 4GB of memory and 16GB or 32GB of storage. Another version (HR-116C) uses an IPS touch panel of the same size and resolutions.

Haier's childs PCHaier’s has a childs client that is very robust. Image:Meko

The company is looking for additional channel partners for the client range in Europe. The firm also showed us a “Smart pen” system that it has developed, with four configurations – USB, bluetooth and small and large clipboards. The system costs around $80.

Haier penHaier’s pen works with big or small clipboards. Image:Meko