GVRA – Industry Association to Support VR

GVRA, the Global Virtual Reality Association, was formed by industry leaders in the VR field to “promote the responsible development and adoption of virtual reality globally”. So far the association includes Acer, HTC, Facebook / Oculus, Google, Samsung and Sony. The non-profit organization will be dedicated to the growth if the VR industry.


The members will develop and share best practices, conduct research and act as a home for the developing VR community. The GVRA will also act as a resource for consumers, policymakers and other interested parties.

This sounds very similar to the 3D associations that were formed to do exactly the same thing for the developing 3D industry. One aspect maybe the development of standards and to a certain degree the interchangeability of the various platforms. Development of standards takes time and is a very difficult but is an important task in any emerging technology market. – NH