Grab Bag 2021: Education Edition

Since not every little revelation warrants a dedicated article, my answer is to provide a periodic curation of interesting developments in the education sector. And that’s what we have here: merely a few “grab bags” of discrete information now peeking out from the educational world and beyond. Open any bag, and with delightful expectation (or a wink and a shudder), take a look inside. Of course, the running commentary is all mine.

Grab Bags

HAPPY GRAB BAGHammer Time. Last February I wrote about the eGlass product in eGlass Deluges FETC, a display technology that was taking educational conferences by storm. The product continues on its skyrocketing trajectory, now having reached the installation milestone of more than 400,000 classrooms. One of my key wonderings, however, is “how would a product like this hold up in the rough-and-tumble crucible of daily classroom use?” Apparently, it holds up quite well, as evidenced by taking a hammer to the display itself, as shown below.

HAPPY GRAB BAGWorldwide VR/AR Thought Leaders Feted. The Thinkers360 group released their algorithm-based list of the “Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers” inthearena of AR/VR. These are the people doing the most remarkable and forward-thinking work today in the emerging fields of AR and VR. You can check out some of these interesting people and their profiles here. It was nice to make the cut.

HAPPY GRAB BAGKeeping it Clean. This last December and January, I penned a four-part series on technical hygiene in the Covidian Age. (See the first article in this series here.) For those readers who would like updated information related to selling products to schools and colleges in a post-Covidian, hygiene-sensitive and bacillophobic world, I am providing a short, pre-recorded session I conducted at the Innovation Institute’s 6th annual conference:


HAPPY GRAB BAGVisualization and NASA. Mark SubbaRao leads NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio, a team that promotes visualization of NASA science results for public or educational audiences. Explore their website to take advantage of the resources that NASA has made available.

HAPPY GRAB BAGMore Money for Education. More resources is always a good thing for schools. CoSN recently released its 2021 EdTech Trends Survey Report, highlighting the key finding that “the majority of school district technology leaders reported IT budgets larger than last year, with curriculum software/subscriptions and cybersecurity receiving the most funding”. The full report was sponsored and crafted by Juniper Networks and is available here for those interested.– Len Scrogan