Google Wants to Use OTT to ‘Blow Up’ Current Model

Chris Levendos, head of network deployment at Google Fibre, has said that the company would prefer an OTT TV model to its current strategy of fibre TV. Speaking at the Incompas Show in the USA, Levendos suggested that creating a new, large-scale and competitive TV service is not economically viable in today’s TV market. “…I think one important aspect to focus on is the over-the-top model and the technologies there to blow up the content model that exists,” he said.

Chip Pickering, CEO of Incompas (left), talks to Chris Levendos at the Incompas ShowAnalyst Comment

Levendos makes a good point. The barriers to entry in TV today are so high as to be insurmountable for a new entrant; even Apple, with its budget and brand name, has apparently been unable to break in. (TA)