Google Patent May Hint at Next Google Glass

Google Glass patent

Patents are tricky as they give us a glimpse of a potential development of new products, though it may also lead us in a direction that may never be realized. Google has been awarded US Patent No. 9,024,843 describing a new form of augmented reality device. In this new application, Google describes an augmented reality device that will provide a curved image to the user as shown in the following picture.

Google Glass Patent No. 9,024,843

The patent describes that at least one display information is displayed in a curved graphic. There is also one claim that “at least one display element is curved”. It is not clear if this really means that the display by itself is curved.

It does, however, show that Google is still filing patents in the wearable computing space. As a matter of fact Google has a total of 33 patent applications filed that contain the word “wearable” in the abstract and are assigned to Google. The latest one was published on April 2nd, 2015.

As it seems, Google has indeed not lost interest in wearable devices. – NH