Google Buys Augmented Reality App Developer Launchpad Toys

Launchpad Toys

Since Google discontinued distribution of the Google Glass device, many have speculated that Google is retreating from the augmented reality field all together. However, the company has made substantial investments in Magic Leap and has now acquired Launchpad Toys, an app developer for augmented reality. The description of augmented reality is a little loose in this case, as Launchpad Toys apps could be better described as creative tools.

Source: Launchpad Toys

Launchpad Toys has two apps, Toontastic and Telestory that allow children to create their own stories and short movies. While they are not specifically made for augmented reality headsets, there is no reason why this would not work with them. The key idea of overlaying images to create new content is not new, however content creation tools for children to be used as entertainment as well as for educational purposes seems to be a good idea.

We will have to see how Google puts all these parts together and creates an augmented reality experience in the future. – Norbert Hildebrand