Fujitsu Windows Mixed Reality Headset Heading to Japan

Fujitsu is the latest company reported to be jumping on board with Windows Mixed Reality, joining an ever-growing list of manufacturers planning to release a headset for the new platform.

Fujitsu’s MR headset design follows the platform’s hardware guidelines, with inside-out positional tracking and optically-tracked Bluetooth motion controllers, allowing the device to be operated without any additional external hardware.

The headset features dual 2.89″ 1440 × 1440 LCD panels with a 90Hz refresh rate, a flip-up visor and a minimum 95° field of view.

In its press release, Fujitsu announced that the headset will launch in Japan in November, priced at ¥50,000 ($439) including controllers, putting it in the mid-range of the Windows Mixed Reality hardware line-up.

The firm is also planning to release the headset in a bundle with its FMV LifeBook AH-MR/B3 notebook, which boasts a 15.6″ HD screen and an Intel Core i7 processor powerful enough to run VR technology, priced at ¥240,000 ($2,106).

Analyst Comment

In recent years, Fujitsu’s PC business in Europe has withdrawn from the consumer market, so it’s unclear whether the firm will launch the headset outside Japan. However, we well be at the Fujitsu Forum in Munich in a couple of weeks and we’ll report back then. (BR)