MGA Entertainment Files Lawsuit Against Intel Corp.


Toymaker MGA Entertainment has filed a lawsuit in New York State court against Intel Corp, Law360 reports.

MGA has accused Intel of encouraging the company to use one of its chips—that has since been discontinued following a spate of overheating issues—in its Project Mc² Curie Band children’s toy, knowing that its young users could’ve been injured as a result.

Two of the stars of Project Mc² tried out the Curie band in a video posted to YouTube last year.

MGA filed its complaint on Wednesday, stating that Intel lied to the company to get them to sign a two-year contract, purchasing 100,000 of Intel’s Curie modules which are now out of production.

MGA produces a range of merchandise based on Project Mc², an American children’s television series produced by MGA and DreamWorks Animation’s AwesomenessTV for Netflix.

The Project Mc² Curie Band was worn by the show’s characters during its third season, detecting speed and movement and responding with a variety of sounds and coloured light patterns. MGA had planned to market a real-life version of the band to fans of the show.