Frontier using SES for Service Delivery of Ultra HD


SES’s managed Ultra HD distribution platform is being used by Frontier Communications Corporation to test 4K Ultra HD content delivery. Frontier is using the platform to move to Ultra HD delivery for its subscribers in North America.

SES’s platform is currently being used by a number of cable and television system operators that are evaluating the solution with the intent to launch Ultra HD to their subscriber base this year.

SES believes that the advantage of their platform is that it is delivered over dedicated satellite bandwidth and provides a higher quality viewing experience compared to current Internet-delivered 4K offerings. SES claims its platform provides the largest bundle of Ultra HD programming in North America.

Analyst Comment

Most of the UltraHD content is being streamed at relatively low bit rates, so SES is probably correct that it can offer a better experience (although well below UltraHD Blu-ray, which remains the ‘gold standard’). And, of course, broadcasters may be tempted to squeeze bit-rates in the longer term. The cable operators will typically use the satellite to distribute content to head ends where it can then be sent to the home via cable. (BR)

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