First Public 5G Live Network Use Cases Deployed in Europe

Telia, in partnership with Ericsson and Intel, has deployed the first two live public use cases of the forthcoming 5G network in Tallinn, Estonia. Intel recently made an announcement on its official website.

An ultra-fast 5G network has been installed on a commercial passenger cruise ship, allowing the ship and its passengers to access high-speed internet services while docked.

The Intel 5G Mobile Trial Platform installed on the Tallink Silja Europa cruise ship.

Intel also made mention of an industrial use case currently in progress, where a construction excavator is being controlled via a live 5G network.

Telia and Ericsson have been collaborating on 5G service development since 2016, and currently plan to bring public 5G network services to Tallinn and Stockholm in 2018.

Analyst Comment

One of the key features of 5G is very low latency, demonstrated during MWC in February, when visitors to the show could drive a remote controlled car on a track some miles away. (BR)