BOE Does 8K+5G Ultra-High Definition Broadcast From Partner Conference

June 28, 2023, was BOE’s thirtieth anniversary and it was also the first day of its annual Global Innovation Partner Conference, the sixth one so far. There’s a lot to get through but for now, one of the more interesting occurrences arose in a segment on 8K technology. The company conducted an 8K live broadcast of the conference using its self-designed 8K+5G outside broadcast van which may be a world’s first,

Source: BOE

The event gathers global industry experts, ecosystem partners, and leaders to discuss the integration and coexistence of the internet of things (IoT) on the screen, BOE’s theme for the conference. The theme of IoT on the screen seems to mean that integrating more functionality in a display is the path for forward to display technologies, and that includes, facial recognition, audio, haptics, and cameras, among other devices that could, or should, be under glass.

The conference also serves as a launchpad for strategic collaborations with more than ten partners, including Honor, Hongqi, Weilai, Aston Martin, Chery, and Xiaopeng. But it was during the keynote, given by Chen Yanshun, chairman of BOE, where a segment was devoted to 8K ultra-high-definition technology. The live demo of an 8K+5G broadcast of the event to an audience outside the main auditorium was also meant to highlight the need for BOE to work with different partners and service providers to encourage greater 8K adoption among broadcasters.

Another interesting approach was the part of the 8K presentation that emphasized the use of the technology as a cultural issue, with BOE touting its partnerships with museums and artists. Increasing awareness and adoption of 8K is not going to be easy, admitted BOE, but the company believes that one of the first places to encourage adoption is in cultural institutions that reach out to a wider audience. 8K is a difficult sell, but BOE is trying to appeal to consumers by going to them through this program and showing them what is possible, leveraging their interest in cultural institutions to impress them with the technology.

China Mobile and 8K+5G

Around the same as all this is happening, Wang Wensheng, general manager of China Mobile Hangzhou, presented at the 5G Business Dialogue Salon during Mobile World Congress 2023 in Shanghai. Hangzhou is a leading 5G city with a population of 12.38 million and over 30 million IoT devices. China Mobile and Huawei have been instrumental in Hangzhou’s 5G development since 2012. The city has transitioned from a 4G to a dual 10G city, with 20,000 5G base stations and 6.3 million 5G customers.

China Mobile’s has built a ubiquitous 5G gigabit network using multi-band collaboration, distributed D-MIMO technology, and upgraded 4G equipment. They prioritize green networks through power-saving technologies, reducing energy consumption by 20%.

Technologically, China Mobile has deployed self-breathing networks and MetaAAU ultra-large-scale antenna arrays. They offer three-carrier aggregation and were the first to launch 5G SA cloud networks and 5G VoNR calls. They aim to increase the proportion of 5G traffic and enable application innovation.

China Mobile collaborates with industry partners to drive applications in sectors like industry, healthcare, and education. They have established innovation bases, developed a 5G ecosystem, and incubated emerging industries such as the People’s Federation, IoT Federation, and Vehicle Federation. The Hangzhou Asian Games will be held in September, and as an official partner, China Mobile will be providing 8K+5G live broadcasts.