New Video Shows Off Tesla Model 3 Touchscreen System

Automotive industry news website Jalopnik has unearthed a video via the wonders of the internet, showing Tesla’s new entry-level luxury car’s controversial touchscreen in action.

model 3 socialThe Tesla Model 3 launched in July.

Controversial in the sense that the touchscreen encompasses every part of the dashboard and pretty much every other piece of hardware you would expect in a car. That’s right—no speedometer, no petrol gauge, nothing. Not even a gear stick.

On the Tesla Model 3, everything is viewed and controlled with the 17″ touch-sensitive tablet situated between the driver and front passenger seats, from navigation, to the in-car stereo system, gear shift, defroster, air conditioning, windscreen wipers, seat heaters and side-view mirrors.

A camera installed in the top of the windscreen detects the local speed limit and relays this to the display, so drivers can be sure they’re abiding by traffic laws at all times.

The interior of the Tesla Model 3.

A handy mirror of the video, which was originally uploaded to YouTube before being hastily removed, appeared on the Tesla Motors Reddit page. It shows two Tesla employees getting hands-on with the touchscreen and going through its features. They note that phone audio streaming isn’t currently available on the system, but is on the way via a firmware update.

You can take a look at the video here.