Eutelsat and Broadpeak for IP to Mobile

Eutelsat and Broadpeak said that they have collaborated to deliver live TV and VOD over satellite to mobile devices. The idea is to use the Broadpeak CDN network to drive content through the Eutelsat satellite infrastructure to sets using the Smartbeam technology that Eutelsat has developed.

Tricolor TV of Russia is the first company to adopt this technology. (Tricolor Uses Eutelsat’s SmartBeam)

Analyst Comment

The Smartbeam technology sends ip streams over satellite which can then be distributed directly over TCP/IP networks. The catch is that the satellite signal has to be tuned and de-modulated. This can be done at the LNB, as SES does with SAT>IP (which is not dissimilar). However, the sad thing is that mobile devices cannot directly receive the satellite signal. So, this technology may be supported by special receivers that act to receive the satellite signal and then re-distribute it via, for example, Wi-fi. (BR)