Eurosport Covers Cycling in 360° VR

We may have missed it at the time, but our editor is excited by news that Eurosport has begun covering cycling in 360° VR video.

Eurosport’s VR cycling coverage began back in June at La Route du Sud, and continued earlier this month with Vuelta a España, where South African rider Jaco Venter rode with a 360° camera fitted to his bike, which captured his stage 10 run from Caravaca de la Cruz to Elpozo Alimentación.

Eurosport’s cycling coverage enjoyed massive audience growth this year. Vuelta a España’s average audience grew by 46%, while Vuelta’s overall coverage saw an 81% jump in viewing figures.

You can watch stage 10 of Vuelta a España in 360° on Eurosport’s Facebook page, and in VR with a compatible headset. Other VR cycling videos are available via the Eurosport VR app.

Analyst Comment

I have watched every Tour de France since around 1992, but this year I was one of those that tried watching the Vuelta a Espana. It was an excellent race, more exciting than most of the French event, so I’ll probably watch again in 2018, There was technical trouble at the World Championships in Norway last weekend. About ten minutes after I’d commented to my wife about how brilliant the coverage of racing is these days, with dozens of cameras on motorbikes and helicopters as well as in fixed positions, the feed was lost! The commentators had to commentate while the race went from 4 km to the end up to less than 1 km without any information or pictures. Ooops…. (BR)