European Retailers Look to Video

Brightcove has conducted research among European retailers and has found that they are looking at how to develop their brands using video content. 61% already offer some kind of content services, but a further 33% plan to do this in the next could of years. They hope to get increased revenues (66%), customers buying a wider range of products (50%) and increased website traffic (45%). However, they see barriers including

  • insufficient in-house expertise (29%)
  • not enough content (28%)
  • unsure of value to business (25%)

The result is that more than half are not sure that they can be successful.

Turning to the viewers, the survey showed that 60% have not yet watched this kind of content and of those that have, many (41%) say that content is too sales-related, inauthentic (30%) or poor quality (25%).

Mark Blair, VP of EMEA at Brightcove, said:

For brands, it’s about treading the fine line between being salesy and informative, entertaining and relevant, and matching content output with consumer demand. If they are able to get this balance right, a wealth of revenue and engagement opportunities will be ready and waiting for them”.