Skyworth and SERAPHIC move on to HbbTV 2 STBs for Europe

Skyworth Digital, the top three set-top box manufacturer in the world, revealed that it will continue cooperation with SERAPHIC, the leading digital TV browser provider, to deliver HbbTV 2 compliant, interactive STBs in European markets.

Since 2015, Skyworth Digital and SERAPHIC has built the close partnership in the Pay TV industry. Skyworth Digital already deployed SERAPHIC’s HbbTV 1.5 SDK in their STBs launched in European market as well as SERAPHIC’s TV Portal browser for major Pay TV operators in Southeast Asia.

The newly launched STB will rank as the earliest HbbTV 2 compliant set-top box products, signifying further and wider deployment of HbbTV 2 technologies, including Companion Screen, Media Synchronizer, DVB-DASH, Clear Key, EME, Web Audio, etc.

Based on powerful Blink engine, SERAPHIC’s Sraf® HTML5 Browser shows strong support to HTML5 functions and security certifications including the latest TLS, etc. Meanwhile, it is optimized in aspects of DDR memory and footprint size, highly suitable for DTV and STB products.

“In the coming years Europe will see the momentum of HbbTV 2, which embraces the essence of DVB and best building blocks from web technologies. As a result, more and more regions and countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Nordic, Australia, etc. join the HbbTV 2 camp and launch burgeoning projects based on such technologies. SERAPHIC is proud to be leading the market in offering HbbTV 2 solution together with Skyworth Digital. The solution exactly fits the needs of operators and broadcasters to extend business mode, increase revenue from operation and enable multi-screen interactive entertainment for consumers as well as enhance consumer loyalty,” introduced Ye Wang, CEO at SERAPHIC.

Louis Fang, Product Line Director at Skyworth Digital, commented, “We are impressed by SERAPHIC’s deep knowledge of the HbbTV technologies, flexible service models and quick-to-respond customer support, which enable us to provide a set of innovative and enhanced viewing experience based on the latest HbbTV 2 standards, even with a challenging timeline requested by our customers. Skyworth is happy to work together with professional partners like SERAPHIC, to enrich the industry with the state-of-the-art products and technologies.”