EU to Review Regulation of Digital Services

Broadcast and Distribution – The new EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Guenther Oettinger has stated recently that he was looking at creating a single, cross-border market for telecoms, online commerce and internet services.

 The report was first published by the Wall Street Journal and goes on to say that the commissioner will work on a strategy to create a single digital market in Europe in the first half of 2015. This would follow the approval of current legislation in the area of electronics communication. The legislation has already passed the EU parliament but some EU governments are trying to make changes.

The goal is to create a single digital market in the EU that allows operators to address the digital market irregardless of country borders. The rules need to guarantee net neutrality and allow for the development of new services for consumers. This will include services like internet TV  for example, but would also extend to all other services developed in the future.

The article also mentions that so called special services that require a certain transmission quality ( I assume they mean bandwidth here) cannot impede on the internet quality for other services already paid for by other customers.

Overall it looks like a lot of changes are coming to the EU in the coming years.  – Norbert Hildebrand