EU CE Regulation Change Enforced From January

Display vendors should be aware of a change to regulations in Europe, which will be enforced from January 2015.

July 2010 saw a political agreement between the European Parliament and the European Commission, which set up new regulations for the labelling of products in Europe (Display Monitor Vol 17 No 29). Directive 1062/2010 introduced new energy efficiency class labels (initially between A and G) that tell consumers how efficient their devices and appliances are.

From 1st January 2014, the ‘G’ mark was scrapped and ‘A+’ was added, in an attempt to move CE products to higher efficiency levels. A++ will be added in 2017 and A+++ in 2020, with corresponding cuts to marks at the bottom of the scale. The A+ – F labelling scheme came into effect in January this year and will begin to be enforced from 1st January 2015.

Consumer electronics such as white goods are covered by the scheme, as well as TVs and PC monitors with HDMI, Scart, component, composite and wireless connection standards. A copy of the directive can be found at