ELO Backs Android for Enterprises

ELO was focusing away from simply touch to building around an ‘Android for business’ and more specifically developing a platform that enterprises can use with a range of different smart display devices. Self service applications are developing very rapidly as retailers look for ways to speed up sales transactions. The company also is seeing good demand in QSRs and other locations. The company is pushing up the sizes of its PCap technology which went up to 46″ last year and will go to 55″, using the company’s own metal mesh technology. ELO claims that its large displays have not only the narrowest borders but are also the thinnest monitors at under 100mm when mounted on the wall.

The platform is based on a customised version of Android 4.2.2 and the platform allows the use of content from websites that support responsive design to work on different sizes and resolution displays and that means that the same application can often run on displays from 10″ to 70″. Because the platform is Android-based, ELO told us that there is ‘no need for certification’ and that any APK file ‘will just work’. The platform can be set into a kiosk mode, where buttons and other controls are disabled. The company also has a controllable upgrade process so that individual displays can be remotely updated under operator control, which is ideal for corporates that want to be in complete control of which versions of Android are running in each location. The displays can be quickly and ‘silently’ updated remotely, with no need for user responses.