Eizo has Plans for ECR

Eizo will show new products at the ECR at the beginning of March in Vienna. The RX560-MD RadiForce 5-megapixel colour monitor consists of two 21.3″ five megapixel monitors that is intended for mammography. It uses a special hybrid gamma PXL function that automatically detects monochrome or colour images and can generate a hybrid image, with the luminance characteristic optimised for each kind of image.

The monitor also has a feature allowing operators to zoom in significant parts of the image using a keyboard or mouse.

rx560 md image 500

The company will also have a range of solutions including the MX315W medical review monitor which is intended to support Dicom and also colour images, including 3D. The company has a ‘Work-and-Flow’ process. It will show its CuratOR operating room products and the SP2-24T-49 Surgical Panel. Signal distribution technologies will include a projector-based demonstration for ORs or rooms where X-Ray results are discussed.

Analyst Comment

We’re planning a quick trip to ECR, which is in the same week as MWC, so hope to get more on this topic. (BR)

ecr2018 booth