Eizo Enhances Contrast for Security

Eizo’s Duravision line is designed for robustness; the new FDF2305W has been specifically developed for use in security and surveillance applications.

A 23″ display, the unit features Eizo’s Smart Insight technology. Smart Insight detects and lightens dark areas for increased visibility, while preventing overspill into light areas. Software is also built in to analyse content for noise and automatically sharpen the image. An overdrive circuit minimises ghosting and movement blur. Additionally, two of the presets are optimised to show day and night scenes; there is also an sRGB mode.

Glare is countered by a filter over the screen, while Eizo’s Contrast Enhancer feature raises image contrast to 5,000:1 (despite the use of a TN panel). Brightness gradations are smoothed by coverting 8-bit signals to 14-bit and using gamma correction with a 14-bit lookup table. The monitor selects the best colours for the image and returns the data to 8-bit.

An ambient brightness sensor controls the screen’s brightness, to a minimum of 3 cd/m