Dynamic Focus on 19″ LCD Monitors

This week we are highlighting LCD monitors in the 19″ standard aspect ratio (5:4) category. There are 16 brands featured in the advertising with Philips, Acer and Iiyama the top three advertised brands. In France, Philips leads with Iiyama and Samsung in joint second. In Germany, Acer leads Philips and Fujitsu, while in the UK, Philips is top followed by Acer in second and Samsung in third. Over the three countries, Iiyama’s ProLite B1980SD is at the top of the PageShare list followed by Samsung’s S19C450BR in second and Iiyama’s ProLite E1980SD in third. In France, Iiyama’s ProLite E1980SD is top followed by LG’s 19M35PM-B in second and Samsung’s S19C450BR in third. In Germany, Fujitsu’s B19-7 LED is top followed by BenQ’s BL912 in second and The Asus VB198T. In the UK the top three models were Iiyama’s ProLite B1980SD, Samsung’s S19C450BR and Iiyama’s ProLite E1980SD.

The average dollar price went up by 4% year on year over the three countries. The average dollar price in France was up 6% YoY, while in Germany it was down 2% and in the UK it was up 4%. The minimum price in August for a 19″ standard LCD monitor was $98.79 plus tax. If you want to know how we select products for Dynamic Focus, please check our Dynamic Focus Pricing section at