Dune Adds Projector and Media Players

Dune HD has a new portable projector and a number of new UltraHD media players. The projector is 11 x 11 cm and weighs 330gms. The image size is from 10″ to 120″ and there is a built-in battery with 7500 mAh with a USB power delivery function. 90 minutes battery operation is supported. The imager is a 0.2″ DLP with 864 x 480 format and 150 Ansi lumens, while contrast is 3500:1.

There is a full media player and Android system and dual 1W speakers.

The projector will cost around €499 when it arrives in November or December.

Dune also has three new media players, the HD Pro 4K Plus, the Max 4K and the HD Ultra 4K. There are rack and stand alone versions with hi-fi digital audio and high end transformers. They support up to UltraHD at t0 fps. There are infrared and wireless remote controls.

ultra 4kThe HD Ultra 4K is for audio enthusiasts.