Visionox Announces Second 6G Flexible OLED Production Line

According to OLED-Info, Chinese OLED firm Visionox has announced that it will launch a second 6G flexible OLED production line at its facility in Hefei, China, with a capacity of 30,000 substrates per month. The company is investing a total of $6.3 billion in the new line, which will take 25 months to construct.

Mass production will begin in 2020, the company said. Visionox first began producing flexible OLEDs at its Hebei premises back in May 2018.

Analyst Comment

IHS rates the probability of this fab actually happening at around 65%, which means that the firm believes that it will happen. That would make it the thirteenth AMOLED fab in China, if the timing works out as planned and would bring overall Chinese G6 OLED capacity to close to 300K per month. (BR)