DS13 Alcons Impresses with Ribbon Audio

Alcons audioDavid Rahn is from Alcons Audio, which was a sponsor of the event. He said that Alcons is a Dutch company that is a leader in the loudspeaker world in technology. It has a ribbon-based sound system. Film-maker, David Lynch, said that movies are 50% visual and 50% audio, but can be more than 50%. Video without audio is just surveillance, Rahn quipped.

The company has array design simulation software that will help you to understand how to design an optimum system. The firm uses ribbon drivers, which are very small and also robust (ribbons have a reputation for delicacy).

Alcons audio smallerRahn showed these charts which compare the transient response of tradtional speakers and ribbon speakers. Click for higher resolution

The firm has got wins in Dolby Atmos and other high end installations.

Analyst Comment

Rahn ran a demonstration and the music he played was exceptionally clear and uncoloured. Speech at the event was great, although sitting close to the front was quite loud, especially when speakers were too close to the mic and ‘popped’. I must say that, as a keen audio and music fan (although not a true ‘audiophile’), I checked to see if Alcons made consumer products – it seems they don’t, but if I buy hi-fi again, I will check out ribbon speakers. (BR)

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