Disney Distances Itself from Earlier Streaming

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney has no plans to allow streaming of its new releases like other studios that offer a premium VOD streaming service for a price. Disney is quite content bringing in more than $7 billion globally in cinemas, thanks to top-grossing films.

Other studios have put forward different timetables and price points for early video release films. Comcast-owned NBC Universal, will possibly make films available for streaming 10 days after initial release for $40.

Warner Brothers, which is in the process of being taken over by AT&T, is considering pricing films at $50 after 17 days.

21st Century Fox has proposed a $30 price after 45 days.

Currently, DVD and VOD releases are available after three months after initial cinema release.

Due to US antitrust laws, cinemas and studios will not be able to work together to collectively negotiate on transactional VOD services, but will have to make individual deals with Amazon, Apple and Google.