DirectTV Stream Customers Jump to Head of Queue for Free 55” Dual-Screen Television from Telly

For a limited time, new DirectTV Stream customers can get priority access to the waiting list for the Telly dual-screen television when they sign up for their service through the company’s website. This initiative is meant to attract new customers to the streaming service by giving them early access to Telly.

The Telly is a 55-inch 4K smart television with two screens: a Theater Television Display for watching content, and a separate built-in Smart Screen for other tasks. Telly is offering both TV content and the TV itself entirely free to consumers.

The television runs on TellyOS, an operating system designed specifically for this dual-screen setup, with some other features of note:

  • A six-driver speaker system for high-quality audio.
  • A built-in camera to support video calling with apps like Zoom.
  • Integrated video gaming with over 40 pre-installed games.
  • A voice assistant feature named “Hey Telly.”
  • An integrated fitness app with motion-tracking programs to turn the living room into a personal fitness studio.