Sharp Launching XLED LCD TVs, Showcasing 120-inch Model

by Milos Pavlovic

At CES 2023, Sharp will launch its first LCD TV with miniLED backlight for the global market. It will be branded “XLED”. The company will also showcase the world’s largest miniLED LCD TV. Sharp …

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4k Production & TV

by Bob Raikes

I was thinking recently about 4K (3840 x 2160) products for TV and in the monitor market. There is some scepticism in some areas about the importance of this high resolution and we’ve seen …

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OLED Delays

by Bob Raikes

Down in the south of France, the Cannes film festival has just finished. The annual event always attracts a lot of media attention and LG decided that it would use the event to ‘launch’ …


LCD TV reaches 90% of market in Q4 2011

by Raverstead

LCD TV sales increased their share to 90% in the EMEA region for the first time in Q4 of 2011, according to the latest TV market research from Meko. Year end figures from the …

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How does Samsung grow its TV business?

by Bob Raikes

My attention was drawn to the news, reported by the FT, that LG and Samsung are starting to see competition in their home market of Korea from store brands and low cost brands. Although …

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CES thoughts on HDR

by Bob Raikes

  While OLED was, of course, the big story of CES this year, and it seems to me that there are still lots of questions to be answered about the ability of LG and …

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The end of geography for TV

by Bob Raikes

I managed a day at the Anga Cable show in Germany last week. That was interesting, especially as it highlighted both the clear trend for HbbTV, the Franco/German OTT system for TV, and it …

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Philips, TPV and the European TV market

by Bob Raikes

The deal between Philips and TPV deserves a mention. At one level, it is just an obvious final stage in the move of Philips out of the TV business that has been going on …

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Apple TV?

by Bob Raikes

This is an editorial that I wrote in Display Monitor in March 2010. Most of what I said still seems relevant today!Bob   Once again, rumours of a possible move by Apple into the …

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