Digital Winter Entertains But Lets Down for Displays

Every six months sees a new Digital Seasons event in the Montcalm Hotel near London’s Marble Arch. While the event itself is small, the products on show are extremely varied and the prize draws (every attendee is entered) of high quality – this year’s top prizes were an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, although luck was not on my side.

Traffic and engineering works on the Underground prevented me from reaching the last two Digital Seasons events on-time, and I was determined that this time would be different. The journey was extremely smooth – perhaps too smooth, as I arrived early!

The HD PVR Rocket, from Hauppage, is a PVR for gamers. It has been available for about a year, but the company was keen to stress how many updates are being rolled out. All the feedback that the company receives is going to improve the Rocket. For example, a recent update made the product’s USB port compatible with USB microphones, which many gamers use today. Another, being rolled out later this month, will enable videos to be recorded as an MP4 file. Currently, files are recorded using the transport stream (.ts) extension and can then be converted, but gamers want straight MP4 files so that they can upload recordings to YouTube. With the recent announcement that gaming channels have become one of YouTube’s most popular categories, with almost 4.4 billion views in September, it’s easy to see why this feature is in demand!

Leapfrog is most well-known for its LeapPad childrens’ tablets, but is now expanding to other mediums. The Leap TV is an educational console for young children, which will be launched in the UK on 29th October for