Digicomm Uses BrightSign & LG for Shark Week

Brightsign recently collaborated with a local S.I., Digicomm, to put on a special ‘Shark Week’ at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. There were around 90 displays driven by 42 players to create the sensation of swimming with the sharks.

The front display used 28 55″ LG displays, driven by 7 Brightsign 4K players, to show a scene of sharks circling divers. A diving cage was simulated with 48 more 55″ LG screens. At the back of the display, there was a tunnel, with the back of the tunnel formed by two screens made of LG 4mm pitch LEDs, one of 7m x 3m and the other of 3m x 3m. In the ceiling were transparent screens with projected images to help the feeling of immersion. At the entry and exit, three 86″ stretch displays (3840 x 600) were used.

At the front of the display were 22 UltraHD players with some being used to drive 2 x 2 FullHD monitors in UHD. Eight BrightSign HD players were used in four kiosks with buttons to drive the four overhead projectors in the shark cage ceiling. Three XD1132 players were used in touch kiosks and LS422 players with a motion sensor drove five LG 22″ displays in portrait orientation to deliver facts to children.

For more information and images, see Brightsign’s case study.

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