DHL Scales AR Picking

DHL has been working on using augmented reality to help with picking in the Netherlands (Vuzix Excited by HMD Opportunity (IC11)) for some time and it is now extending the programme to other regions including the UK and the US. DHL has been working with Google, Vuzix and Ubimax to develop the system.

Markus Voss, CIO of DHL Supply Chain, said: “The Vision Picking Program is DHL Supply Chain’s first translation of what augmented reality solutions can look like for supply chains. The broad spectrum in which the technology can be applied across various sectors is exciting to us, and the potential of this technology for business is still largely untapped. We believe this programme is a game changer in how we run our supply chain operations and deliver added value to our customers.”

DHL is also trialling the use of robots.

DHL augmented reality picking graphic

Analyst Comment

This project highlights the opportunities for industrial applications of augmented reality. A lot of people are employed in the logistics business and many could be made more effective and efficient with data being made available ‘hands free’. (BR)