Dell Adds First HDR Monitor and UltraHD Workstation

Dell has announced new monitors and a new workstation, timed to coincide with the NAB event in Las Vegas. The UP2718Q is a 27″ UltraHD monitor that has 1,000 cd/m² of output and supports 100% of AdobeRGB, Rec, 709 and sRGB as well as 97.7% of DCI-P3. The monitor is calibrated at the factor and can be calibrated with Dell UltraSharp Calibration software with an optional X-Rite colorimeter. The monitor also supports HDR10 (PQ) for HDR support and will be available on May 23rd for $1,999.99. Contrast is quoted at 20,000:1. Connectivity is via dual HDMI 2.0a, a DisplayPort 1.4 and a mini DisplayPort. There are four USB 3.0 ports with two supporting 2A charging.

In addition to this high end mastering monitor, Dell launched a 27″ UltraHD monitor ‘infinity display’ and a 25″ that follows the same design and will ship for $699 and $499 respectively in mid-July.

As well as the new monitors, the Precision Workstation AIO 5720 which is a high powered (Intel Xeon, Gen 6 and Gen 7 Cor i5 and i7 options) with an integrated 27″ UltraHD display with 100% AdobeRGB support. The workstation can further support two external monitors (one HDM, one DisplayPort). An unusual feature is a 10 speaker 50W/channel sound system. Memory is up to 64GB and up to 1TB storage in each of three SSD or HDD slots. Graphics comes from the AMD Radeon Pro WX4150 (4GB) or WX7100 (8GB).

Dell’s AIO5720 AIO has a 27″ UHD panel and a 10 speaker 50W/channel audio system

Analyst Comment

With its new HDR monitor, the release of the 4K OLED from last year (Dell 30″ OLED Appears at Lower Price) and the 8K 32″ (Dell Starts to Take Orders for 8K Monitor), the firm is putting together a very powerful line of high end of monitors. (BR)