Daqri Announces Cooperation with Topcon for Smart Helmet

Daqri smart helmet

Daqri, the California based developer of augmented reality enterprise solutions has announced a cooperation with Topcon, a Japan-based international hardware and software firm working on positioning solutions.

Daqri has been working on augmented reality solutions called 4D for many years and announced its Hardhat 2.0 in 2014. After focusing on toys, education and similar applications, the smart helmet represents a new direction and is aiming at the construction and other industrial applications.

Source: Daqri

The latest announcement now adds Topcon’s positioning solutions to the mix. In the press release Daqri state that they are looking to change the way construction and survey professionals interface with the job site. They are aiming to bring augmented reality solutions to a wider AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) user-base. (NH)