Daktronics Claims High Brightness for Five Years

Daktronics has celebrated the 16th anniversary of starting to ship LED displays by introducing the DB-6400 series of LED displays for outdoor use and that ships with 8.500 cd/m² of brightness on shipment, with a guaranteed 5,000 cd/m² after ten years. The company claims that for the first five years, its displays are brighter than those of the competition at shipping. The displays also have ‘Snap’ auto blending which means that replacement modules automatically blend with existing units.

The series adds to those of the 5000 series, such as a re-direction of light from the LEDs down to improve brightness or reduce power consumption. “Since the release of our previous digital billboard series in 2015, we have seen a greater than 99.9% reliability rate,” said Lori Sieler, Daktronics product manager.

There’s a video about the LEDs below.