CTA: Holiday 4K TV Sales to Top 4.5 million

The CTA in the US described 2016 as a ‘banner year’ for UltraHD TVs, with TV sales with that resolution growing to 10 million units, up 40% over 2014. The group expects sales of 4.5 million sets during the Q4 holiday season, with UltraHD reaching 56% of all TV sales. One reason is a decline of 22% in the prices of UltraHD sets since January. The appearance of an increasing number of 4K UHD Blu-ray discs and other content, 4K cameras, and additional devices in the market have helped the market to develop.

The penetration of UltraHD has been much faster than that of HD sets. The category will reach a cumulative total of 18.6 million sets after three years, while HD had only got to 4.2 million after the same period.