Connected Dashboard for Bicycles

At CES 2015, new display technologies in cars grabbed a lot of the media attention. That wasn’t the only transportation display story at the show this year, however. The Bosch exhibit [] included the company’s new Nyon [] onboard computer for bicycles.

The product is designed to work with select bike models that incorporate Bosch’s “eBike” technology that can provide an electric-power assist to your pedaling. These include models from more than a dozen major brands, including Cannondale and Trek.

The Nyon gives a rider a wealth of information. It includes GPS turn-by-turn navigation, as well as monitoring of your eBike’s power. It can track your calorie burn, cadence, pedal power, and even your heart rate when you wear a supported sensor such as the Polar H7 with Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

The Nyon also links to your smartphone, giving you notifications about phone calls and texts. It also can stream music from your phone, and a convenient handlebar thumb control lets you play your tunes the way that you want.

All of this functionality is supported by a 4.3-inch diagonal color display in a weatherproof housing. The transflective LCD panel is designed to be readable even in direct sunlight. The result is more information that riders need, mounted right in front of them where they can access it easily.

Display Daily Comment

At least this idea is the right scale and weight for a bike – usually ideas from CES for bike gadgets ignore the fact that weight is anathema to cyclists! (BR)

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